lundi 10 avril 2017


There was no one inside the house. Neon lights illuminated the bare dark walls and a thick blue carpet stretched out before my feet like an ocean.
I tried to move but felt stuck. I was searching for a better place, for a face that might open up a door to another world. For a moment, I saw a flash of blue light and started hearing movie music and then a stagnant silence.
Then a map floated into the room like a magic carpet. I suddenly felt my heavy and tired legs and my feet turning to ice inside my socks.
I was draped in this enchanted profound silence, waiting for a magic signal - one dark midnight.
And all of a sudden, in my dream, I was standing under a vast umbrella of bat wings. I proceeded slowly to my supposed destination.
At some point, I found myself inside a crowd of people leaving a movie theater. They were all staring at me, as if in a trance, walking down the stairs, with their hands plunged in their pockets. Not one single face was known to me.
I still was searching for a place in pitch dark now. I was longing for this remote destination. The walls were narrowing and the pavement was crooked. I was walking like a ghost. It was cold. Using all my strenght, I kept walking, struggling to avoid the huge holes in the pavement.
The longer I walked, the more my dread grew. I was confused and shattered. All I wanted was to find a place where I could sit and think.
Suddenly appears in front of me a television screen and I started to put a red lipstick. A telephone is ringing with a metallic sound. I am now in a small room with no furniture, swamped  with a pale orange light.  I am still trying to figure out my destination.

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