vendredi 28 mars 2014

I permanently wait for your voice -
coming down from telescopes,
from the stars, from the cloudiest or
the sunniest  skies, through mirrors,
through tunnels, through light pannels,
through leap years, it could come.
From anywhere, from every marvel of the world,
From a miracle, unrecognized, unseen.
From the lips I kiss, from time to time,
even from the voice that says:
“I miss You”. Absolutely. From every silence,
from every moment, it could come.
From everywhere. Through sonatas, through thunders
and terrible storms. Through birds chirruping.
From every music and from your breathing…

Memory by Hye Jin Chung

Take off my clothing,
features and pictures,
I don’t want you to see me,
masked as another,
always a daughter of someone
or something. I want you
to see me pure, free
and irreducible: me.
My darling!

I know when I call you,
among all people in the world,
that only you will be you.
And when you ask me
who is calling you, 
who waits for you…
My darling!
I bury nouns, pronouns,
labels, history. I tear apart
all they threw on me
even before I was born.

And finally back in the eternal
anonymity of nakedness,
like a black stone throwned and lost
in the gigantic world,
I will always tell you:
“I love you. Yes, I am the one.”
My darling!