vendredi 5 avril 2013


Once, I was beautiful and desired attracting men like a magnet.
Now, I am myself. but your hand on my face, your fingertips on my lips -
make Time vanishes.

Bleu Turquoise


I will always tremble for your touch -
your fingers are a poem


My love for you
is the only empire,
I will ever build.
When it falls - as all empires do,
my career in empire building
will be over.
I will retreat to an island.
I will fold my clean clothes.
I will wash the dishes.
I will never again dream
of having the whole world.
My love for you
is the only empire,
 I will ever build...

Richard Downs. Couple _178, monotype, 2011


I want to fix my body
under yours and sleep.
Whenever I caress you,
all trace of me
is wiped away.



I am watching intertwined lanes
in every train station,
deeply immersed into pervasive thoughts.
Following a snowflake falling… falling… falling…
in the stairs cage caught and melted, in the moist… …
When you arrive and undress and I undress too,
I always want to place your hand on my sex and say :
“you can hurt me now if you want”.
Thinking that’s precisely…
What love means.