vendredi 11 décembre 2009

in my hometown,
the snow is not fallling -
but I can dream of it

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myra a dit…

oui, la neige est tès belle a voir, mais le froid, oh! la, La , non!

Winter moon a dit…


I'll show you famous modern Japanese haikus about snow.

Snow is falling
Whenever I wake up

Katoh Shûson(1905-1993)

This haiku was made while he was sick in bed.

All the more for
Snowing silent and white

Saitoh Miki(1923-)

He was born in one of the snow-deepest countries in Japan. He knows very well the beauty and scare of snow. It's true snow is one of important beauties Japanese poets have admired for more than a thousand years but it has killed many people living in snow countries in Japan.

Interestingly, the scare aspect of snow has been embodied as a snow fairy. This is also one of beautiful season words.

ma grande folle de soeur a dit…

Thank you for giving me this reading of modern haikus. Winter for me is linked to this fairy white powder everywhere and I come from a mountain too, and recall this deep white tapestry when I was a child ...but now I live near the beach and in my hometown the old folks are always saying that the winters are not like in the old days... certainly because of the greenhouse gases... that's why I composed this haiku :)