vendredi 25 septembre 2009

Justiça -
uma puta velha e desdentada
que não engana apenas o Quixote!

Justice -
une vieille pute édentée
qui ne trompe pas seulement Quijote!

4 commentaires:

Winter moon a dit…

It's a wonderful haiku that is based on the famous story of Don Quixote.
I think it is a traditional and sophisticated way of making haikus to use classic literature.Anyway I'm very impressive. Thank you.

myra a dit…

eh, oui malheureusement t'as raison...disparue la justice..globalisée son manque...

Winter moon a dit…


I'm very impressed, not impressive.

And I think this haiku poses the question of how to use a season word in a haiku.

I tried to translate it into Japanese.

Here is the link:

ma grande folle de soeur a dit…

thanks for your comments winter moon... well that's true... the question here is how not to use a season word... frequently I don't use one... yet if this composition is still an haiku or not «est une autre paire de manches» ... :))