mercredi 24 mai 2017


Come in a week
Yes, yes, in the seven-day week!
for how can I count in your three times three
of the sea-blown week of nine.

Come then, as I say, in a week,
when the planets have given seven nods
"It shall be! It shall be!" assented seven times
by the great seven, by Helios the brightest
and by Artemis the whitest
by Hermes and Aphrodite, flashing white glittering words,
by Ares and Kronos and Zeus,
the seven great ones, who must all say yes.

When the moon from out of the darkness
has come like a thread, like a door just opening
opening, till the round white doorway of delight
is half open.

Come then!
Then, when the door is half open.
In a week!
The ancient river week, the old one.
Come then!

Last poems, D.H. Lawrence

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