samedi 12 juin 2010

Golden Dream

The scene is set...In the frame is a painting

of a golden cup in a golden tray.

Me... I was used to drink wine

from very common wineglasses...

Then, this night. Moonlight.

I woke up in a Golden Dream.

And, drank wine from this golden cup,

given to me by an invisible hand...

My lips are wet, my mind is on fire.

Where shall I go now? My body sunk

like a wreck. Where shall I go?

I am handcuffed and naked against

a golden wall... and suddenly, in my dream

the invisible hand clap and lit a lighter and

set me on fire... The flames are red!

I am cornered in my own golden labyrinth...

Where shall I go now? Where shall I go?

1 commentaire:

myra a dit…

fantastic! you just wait!
a big kiss