samedi 10 avril 2010


The mystic flies moment to moment.
The fearful ascetic drags along month to month.

But also the lenght of a "day" to a lover
may be fifty thousand years.

You can't understand this with your mind.
You must burst open!

Fear is nothing to a lover, a tiny piece of thread.
Love is a quality of God. Fear is an attribute
of those who think they serve God, but who are actually
preoccupied with penis and vagina.

What characteristics do God and human beings
have in common? What is the connection between
what lives in time and what lives in eternity?

If I kept talking about love,
a hundred new combinings would happen,
and still I would not say the mystery.

The fearful ascetic runs on foot, along the surface.
Lovers move like lightning and wind.
No contest.
Theologians mumble, rumble-dumble,
necessity and free will,
while lover and beloved
pull themselves
into each other.
People who renounces desires
often turn, suddenly,
into hypocrites!
Rumi (13th century Persian philosopher)

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