vendredi 11 septembre 2009

it is early morning -
the autumn whispers

I leave the summer
like a cicada

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Winter moon a dit…


It has been fine days over here Tokyo for a couple of weeks though September usually has many rainy days.

the autumn whispers:
that's a good phrase because the autumn is the season when the air and water becomes clearer and we can hear the natural sounds around us that we can't usually notice. I think the autumn makes us poets.

Winter moon

Celeste Maia a dit…

Gosto da cicada saindo do verao. Eu quero ser essa cicada, saindo do calor.
Hoje fiz um posting sobre uma poeta que me leva aos pincaros, nao sei se conhece, Sharon Olds? Ela e fantastica.

myra a dit…

ici il commence a faire froid...
j'aime pas, mais j'aime les paroles que tu écris,