mardi 17 février 2009

World Haiku Association, Nº 5, 2009 2nd Part)

Os grilos cantam
Apenas do meu lado esquerdo -
Estou ficando velho.

Ento (1954 -) Brazil

Les dattes mi-mûres
Ont le goût vieux
De caramel au lait

Michel Favriaud ( 1952 - ) France

Tu m'avais dit: songe
entre les draps esseulés
l'odeur des violettes...

Georges Friedenkraft (1945 - ) France

Sandpipers and me
Living recklessly
Racing to the sea

A small insect
That squeezes through a screen -
Such love as this!

Jack Galmitz (1951 -) USA

Spring stars -
a letter I think
I'll burn someday

get used to
the wind in June

Yasuko Goto ( 1948 - ) Japan

forgotten for today
by the one true god
autumn mosquito

to urinate
the dog star

orchid scent :
a promise
and a kiss

Lee Gurga ( 1949- ) USA

I believe it's a tea box;
it's breathing out

Rei Hatano (1950- ) Japan

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